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10 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Looking for the perfect gift to give to your favorite gardening guru? Those who love spending time tending to plants and flowers enjoy receiving gifts that represent their gardening passion. Gardeners love gifts that meet their essential needs such as high-quality gardening tools like lopers, pruning saw, pruners, and garden shears, but there are a lot more gift options out there than your typical gardening tools! If you want something unique, consider one of these 10 gift ideas for the green thumb in your life!

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Gardening Journal
Gardening Journal – A sometimes overlooked part to a gardeners arsenal is a gardening journal. A great garden journal can add to and enhance the enjoyment of gardening while leading to more successful gardens. A journal is a great tool because it can be used as much or as little as desired. Gardening journals can be used to record every single detail and activity performed in the garden. This includes all the watering, fertilizing, pruning, and rainfall. On the other hand, the journal can be used to record just techniques, tips, and tricks that have helped the garden grow. There are various pre-made journals available for purchase on sites like Amazon, or if you would like to add a little more DIY love, some of the journals on Pinterest may inspire you.


Gardening Journal
Seed Kit – Seed kits are great gifts because most gardeners are used to getting grown plants as gifts, but they’ll enjoy tending and growing seeds in different varieties. There are many different variations of seed kits available for purchase. Some come with many different types of seeds, while others may follow a specific theme like herbs, wild flowers or fall vegetables. Seed kits are very affordable and can be purchased as small starter-kits for around $10 to $15, while more complex kits can cost $75 to $100.


Plant Nanny
Plant Nanny – Even the most experienced gardeners may sometimes forget to water a potted plant and there’s nothing worse than finding your favorite plants withered from drought. That’s where a Plant Nanny comes in handy. A Plant Nanny is a bottle shaped accessory that sticks in to the soil and slowly waters potted plants. This is a great gift that can make a garden more low maintenance and allow for more free time to be used for other hobbies or a bigger garden! The Plant Nanny is a “#1 Best Seller” on Amazon. Plant Nanny retails for between $8 and $20 depending on which model is needed.


Rain Gauge
Rain Gauge – Giving plants the right amount of water is essential to a great garden. Keeping track of all the rain a garden receives can be difficult to estimate without the proper tools. Displaying a quality rain gauge in the garden will show how much rain has fallen and if additional watering is needed. A typical rain gauge will retail for under $20, while more advanced wireless digital models can be $50 to $70.


Terrarium – Once the final fall harvest is complete, many gardeners don’t know what to do with their newfound free time! That’s where terrariums come in. Your favorite gardener will have an amazing time picking little shrubbery and moss to create their terrarium. Terrariums are usually made of glass and come in many different sizes perfect for any area of the home. Terrariums let gardeners keep their skills sharp during the offseason and range in price from $10 to $100.


Garden Accessories
Personalized Garden Accessories – Gardening is all about personal touch, that’s why having a personalized accessory for the garden is a great idea. The size, color, and personal touch with these accessories is near limitless. Flags and stakes can let everyone know who the garden belongs to, while stones come in handy for adding a subtle personal note to a garden. Having a few garden stakes, flags, or stones designed with your gardener’s initials or monogram can add a big impact to a garden.


Sundial – Sundials are decorative garden pieces and serve a purpose! Because it is sometimes difficult and distracting for a gardener to have their phone or watch in the garden, a sundial will help your beloved gardener to tell the time in the garden without carrying or wearing any gadgets. It can also be helpful in determining sun exposure for different plants. The gift adds a fun little perk to gardens. Decorative sundials start out around $25, while more complex sundials can be upwards of $80 to $100.


Frost Protectors
Frost Protectors – Frost protectors are great tools in the winter months for keeping plants and gardens frost free. They come in particularly handy for transitional seasons like fall and spring when the weather may be slightly unpredictable. Frost protectors are usually pop-up plastic boxes, or plastic bags, that sit neatly over plants or flowers. The type of frost protector chosen depends on the size of the garden and what plants the gardener may need to cover. They can be priced as low as $10 for bags and as high as $30 for small pop-up protectors.


Pruning Book
Good Book on Pruning – Pruning is the trimming of trees, bushes, and other plants to rid them of dead or overgrown branches and stems. Every gardener must know how to properly prune in order to keep a garden fruitful and beautiful. Pruning is a skill that can take a great deal of time to perfect, that’s why a book can help provide the knowledge to speed up the learning curve. The winter is a great time to freshen up on all gardening skills and a book on pruning or other gardening subjects can make for a great gift. There are many books available, so be sure to read the reviews before you buy. These books make a great gift, usually for under $20.


Fine Gardening Magazine
Subscription to a Gardening Magazine – A gardening magazine is an affordable gift that just keeps giving. It can provide gardeners with fresh ideas, tip, techniques, and stories every month. These magazines help gardeners build and grow successful gardens more quickly than just experience alone. Although there are many magazines on the subject of gardening, Linda, our Nursery and Landscape Manager, recommends Fine Gardening Magazine for all the best information a gardener can handle.