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5 Veggie-Growing Tips to Remember

We want you to succeed, so grow small in pots or a tiny raised bed if you’re just getting started. Or let us know how we can help you perfect your veggie strategy.

1. Compost

Work compost into your soil each year so your veggies have plenty of nutrients. We absolutely love Bumper Crop Soil Builder and use it in our own garden.

2. Rotate your crops.

Mix up their location from year to year so your soil doesn’t become depleted in one area.

3. Plant your grocery list.

Plant what you love to eat.

4. Allow room to grow.

You may want to get everything you can in your garden. But be sure to leave space for mature plants. Here’s a sample raised bed layout that allows space for growth.

Veggie Garden layout

5. If space is an issue, try vertical gardening.

Add a trellis or other support system in a container or in your tiny garden space, then try beans, tomatoes, peas and/or cucumbers.