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8 of our Favorite Annuals for 2023

Explore our list of lovely annual favorites for 2023, grown right here in our own greenhouses.

As a third- and fourth-generation farming family, we’ve learned which plants do well in our soil and climate. We’ve paid careful attention to hardy new varieties and sentimental customer favorites. And today, we have a thriving family farm, garden center and landscape business that grows more than three-quarters of the plants we sell.

We’ve curated a diverse collection of seasonal annuals, so we encourage everyone to visit the garden center for the full experience, and to ask if there’s something you don’t see. This year’s eight annuals made the list for their texture, color, character and appeal to local pollinators.

We hope you’ll give a few a try.

1. Gartenmeister Fuchsia

A gorgeous hummingbird magnet that doubles as an eye-catching ‘thriller’ (for height and impact) in containers.

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2. Roller Coaster Valravn Violet Impatiens

Double-flowering New Guineas with a charming ruffled texture.

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3. Fancifillers™ Sea Salt Artemesia

Really striking foliage and a unique leaf shape that looks fantastic trailing down the side of a hanging basket or container.

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4. MiniFamous Uno Double PlumTastic Calibrachoa

Adorable double-flowering variety that looks great on its own or as a cheerful spiller in mixed containers.

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5. Floramia Cameo Sweet Potato Vine

A classic potato vine, but it flowers!

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6. Roman Red Salvia

Another hummingbird magnet that looks its best in groupings of three or more in landscape beds, or as a tall ‘thriller’ in large containers.

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7. Savannah Ruby Grass

We saw this one at Chanticleer Garden last summer and fell in love. So worth replanting every year.

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Brand New!

8. Coleus ‘Splish Splash Rose Gold’

A trailing coleus that makes the perfect spiller in a shady container garden.

The people of Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse are here to inspire future plant people. We care about the vast benefits to our environment, health and quality of life, and would love to share it all with you. Ask if you have any questions on how to plant and care for your annuals. We’d be thrilled to help if you need us.