Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

August Gardening Checklist

1. Have Fun Observing Insects

A variety of insects is a good sign that you have created a great ecosystem in the garden.

Not only is your garden providing a place for caterpillars to become butterflies, but the insects are also great food for the birds!

2. Check to See What’s Blooming

If you aren’t seeing a lot of blooming plants in August, be sure to add some!

Not only will the pollinators love it, but you’ll be adding more color to enjoy. Some of our favorites include the perennials yarrow, agastache, hibiscus, hollyhock, ornamental onion, mountain mint, anemone, asclepias, and Joe pye weed. Late blooming shrubs include butterfly bush, sweetshrub, button bush, summersweet, smokebush, and seven-son flower.

3. Deadhead Summer Bloomers to Extend Color

Spending some time in the garden deadheading annuals and perennials will pay off!

Even though it’s hot and feeling like summer is coming to an end, we still have two months until a fall frost. Removing spent flowers now will encourage new blooms to enjoy.

4. Enjoy the Harvest!

Whether you grow your own vegetables at home, or you let us grow them for you, it’s time to really enjoy the harvest and get to some preserving.

Spending time now to freeze or can will allow you to savor the fresh flavors of summer all year round. Learn some preserving tips at one of our upcoming classes, and if you already know how then spread your knowledge to others.