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No need to save receipts for returns or Tree & Shrub Warranty.


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Mobile App Rewards
  • Rewards can be spent in store at any time, on any plant or product currently in stock.
  • $5 Reward for downloading the mobile app
  • $5 Birthday Gift Reward
  • $5 Reward after 5 Store Check-Ins
  • GET THE APP: Search Bedner’s on iTunes or Google Play, download, then create your account. 



What is Bedner’s VIP and how do i sign up?

It’s our new loyalty program and a way for us to say thank you. If you’re in our system from the Bedner Bucks loyalty program, then you’re automatically a Bedner’s VIP. Just provide your name, customer number or phone number at check-out to receive credit.

If you’re a new customer, we’ll need your driver’s license one time to sign you up at check-out. The benefits include automatic receipt tracking for tree & shrub warranty items or returns, purchase history, and our weekly newsletter.

What are Mobile App Rewards?

Bedner’s VIPs can download our mobile app to earn rewards and spend on in-stock plants or products. Rewards include $5 for downloading the app, $5 after checking in 5 times, and $5 for your birthday.

How do I sign up for Mobile App Rewards? 

Just search ‘Bedner’s’ on iTunes or Google Play, download and create your account. Check-In each time you visit and let your sales associate know you have the app at checkout.

When will I get Rewards?

Rewards accrue based on repeat check-ins and store promotions, and are much easier to access and redeem than paper coupons.

How do I redeem Rewards? 

Open your mobile app at the check-out counter, click the Rewards button, and choose the rewards you’d like to redeem. Rewards can be spent on any plant or product in stock.

Do I need to make a purchase to Check-In with the Mobile App?

No, there is no purchase necessary for a mobile app check-in.

I forgot to check-in last time I was there. Can I still get credit? 

Yes! From the mobile app, click ‘Ask Us’ to request a check-in. Give us your name and date of visit, and we will check you in.