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No need to save receipts for returns or Tree & Shrub Warranty.


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Mobile App Rewards
  • Rewards can be spent in store at any time, on any plant or product currently in stock, and they never expire.
  • $5 Reward for downloading the mobile app
  • $5 Birthday Gift Reward
  • $5 Reward after 5 Store Check-Ins
  • Additional Rewards are earned based on purchase history.
  • GET THE APP: Search Bedner’s on iTunes or Google Play, download, then create your account. 



What is Bedner’s VIP and how do i sign up?

It’s our new loyalty program and a way for us to say thank you. If you’re in our system from the Bedner Bucks loyalty program, then you’re automatically a Bedner’s VIP. Just provide your name, customer number or phone number at check-out to receive credit.

If you’re a new customer, we’ll need your driver’s license one time to sign you up at check-out. The benefits include automatic receipt tracking for tree & shrub warranty items or returns, purchase history, and our weekly newsletter.

What are Mobile App Rewards?

Bedner’s VIPs can download our mobile app to earn rewards and spend on in-stock plants or products. Rewards include $5 for downloading the app, $5 after checking in 5 times, $5 for your birthday, and other rewards based on purchase history or store promotions.

How do I sign up for Mobile App Rewards? 

Just search ‘Bedner’s’ on iTunes or Google Play, download and create your account. Check-In each time you visit and let your sales associate know you have the app at checkout.

When will I get Rewards?

Rewards accrue based on repeat check-ins, visit history, and store promotions, and are much easier to access and redeem than paper coupons.


Rewards are earned on all plants and products, but landscape services are excluded. Let your Landscape Designer know you have the app to receive credit on all plants and products, or you’ll automatically earn rewards if you’re shopping in store.

Do I earn rewards when buying a gift card, or can I buy a gift card with my Rewards?

No, you do not earn rewards when you buy a gift card, but your recipient can earn rewards when they redeem the card. Rewards cannot be used toward the purchase of gift cards, but they can be redeemed on any plant or product currently in stock in the garden center.

How do I redeem Rewards? 

Open your mobile app at the check-out counter, click the Rewards button, and choose the rewards you’d like to redeem. Rewards can be spent on any plant or product in stock, any time of year, and they never expire.

Are there any exclusions for earning and spending my rewards? 

Rewards are earned on everything in the garden center, with the following exceptions: bulk soil, compost or mulch purchases, class fees, delivery fees, and landscape planting services. Rewards can be spent by shopping in the garden center for any in-stock plants or products.


Yes, you will earn rewards from purchases made online. Unfortunately, we are not able to process rewards toward online merchandise at this time. We’ll keep you posted if that changes.

Do I need to make a purchase to Check-In with the Mobile App?

No, there is no purchase necessary for a mobile app check-in.

I forgot to check-in last time I was there. Can I still get credit? 

Yes! From the mobile app, click ‘Ask Us’ to request a check-in. Give us your name and date of visit, and we will check you in.