Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Care Tips for Fresh-Cut Trees and Greens


Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree is a fresh-cut plant that you are taking inside in a warm environment. Watering is the most important step for the longevity of your Christmas tree. 

  • Once you pick out the perfect tree to take home, we will re-cut about 1/2″ off the trunk for you. This fresh cut re-opens the pores of the tree so it can absorb water. 
  • At home, fill your tree stand with water and check it at least once every day. Always keep the water level above the fresh cut. 
  • Trees are thirsty when they first get put up and may soak up to a gallon of water within the first 24 hours.
  • Additives to the water are really not necessary. Just use fresh tap water.
  • Make sure to keep your fresh tree away from heat sources.

Fresh Greens, Wreaths and Winter Containers

Your greens and winter containers should last outside and look great through winter. You can add in extra decorations and “bling” for the holidays, then remove them after the new year for a more natural look.

  • Treat fresh-cut greens just like you would cut flowers. Even if they are outside in the cold, they will still need water. If you plan to bring them inside, then the moisture will be even more important, similar to the Christmas tree.
  • Our smaller winter containers of evergreen arrangements have water absorbent floral foam in the bottom, so the greens will have consistent water. Check the foam regularly to see if more water needs added. If creating your own arrangement, give the greens a fresh cut on the bottom before adding to the foam block. 
  • Before decorating, we spray our wreaths with an anti-desiccant to seal in moisture, like Wilt Pruf or Wilt Stop. You can spray this product on any of your mixed greenery arrangements. It is also good for protecting broadleaf evergreens in the landscape like boxwood, rhododendron, and mountain laurel.
  • For front doors, it is best to keep your wreaths on the outside door, if you have one. Putting the wreath between the main door and the screen door will create a greenhouse effect and will “cook” your fresh decorations.
  • Misting greens regularly will add moisture back into the cut material. It also helps to refresh the aromatic scent of the greens.
  • For larger winter container gardens that are filled with either soil, mulch, or rice hulls, make sure it’s wet. Once the weather gets consistently cold and the media freezes, you’ll be good to go. Check the pots occasionally for water and mist the greens as we have mild temperature spells.