Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse
  • Spring Shopping Tips

    The spring season is definitely our busiest at the garden center. There’s so much excitement in the air as we come out from winter hibernation and cabin fever and get gardening again! Additionally, it’s a time of celebration… celebrating Moms, graduations, Memorial Day, and the beginning of summer. Here are...

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  • Product Spotlight: Bumper Crop Soil Builder

    We LOVE Bumper Crop Soil Builder! We love it so much that we require that your trees and shrubs are planted with it for our 1-year warranty. It’s full of so much goodness– like shellfish compost; dark, rich earthworm casting, kelp, peat, aged bark, and lobster. The lobster body provides Nitrogen,...

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  • Russ’ Tips for Protecting Your Plants from Frost

      Quite a change outside from yesterday! We went from shorts and a t-shirt to pants and a parka! Here are a couple quick tips to care for your plants: Once the snow melts today, cover them with burlap or an old sheet. Do not use plastic. If it get...

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