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Collecting Flowers, Grasses for Fall Arrangements

image from Birds and Blooms

Yes, it is early, but you want to be on the lookout for materials you can use for dried arrangements for fall or Christmas.

For example, I used dried sedum heads, dried allium, and dried papyrus for little Christmas arrangements. I dyed the sedum red and the allium and papyrus gold. I placed them in a small red wicker basket I’d gotten from Michaels and added very small red ornaments. Small jingle bells work too. They turned out great, and yes, I’ll do it again this year.

I also like the idea of limelight hydrangea (green when growing), dried ornamental grass plumes, matching green ribbon and a contrasting green vase. I dry the hydrangea green (a light green like chartreuse is best) and leave the ornamental grass in its original color. It’s not necessarily Christmas-y, but it will add color in the fall.

Some roses dry okay, and so do marigolds. The latter can be dried in every color in the world and massed together for a wreath. 

Curiously enough, I’m not so sure about silver in a dried presentation. Maybe if glitter were added it would have the best effect.

Hydrangea heads of any color are great when dried. Also, don’t forget weeds! I have a number of weed seed heads in my yard that will be fine when dried. Maybe I’ll do an arrangement of dyed blue and white seed heads and blue ornaments. Or green! The possibilities are endless.  Just use your imagination!

Barbara Wittman Alsip was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, of German, Austrian and Prussian grandparents. Her father was a horticulturist, (Texas A&M, Class of 1919), and her mother was active in garden clubs and flower growing. She has two grown sons and two grandsons.

She received her BA and MA in French and Spanish from Texas Christian University and her PhD in French from Emory University. She taught at the university level for a number of years.

At her first home in western Pennsylvania, she had 165 trees, evergreens, flowering trees, perennials, herbs and annuals. She is looking forward to landscaping, with Bedner’s direction and help, at her new home.