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Favorite Plants and Why

Last week we shared that one of our favorite plants is the passion flower vine, and we asked to hear from you about what YOUR favorite plant is and why. We always love a fun giveaway, so we chose a lucky winner from the responses to win a $25 Bedner’s Gift Card.

Enjoy the responses and winner announcement below!

Hellebore – Lenten Rose, Lisa D. 

My favorite plant is the Helleborus Rose. What is there not to love about this plant. The colors are beautiful, the plant is hardy and easy to plant and take care of, and, it blooms from early spring to later summer. The Helleborus Rose is a perennial so I get to enjoy it every year in my garden. This plant also has a connection with the Lenten/Easter season so that makes it extra special!! One I’ve had for several years, the other I just planted last week.

Peonies, Karen J.

My grandmother had quite the green thumb and I got my love of gardening from her. She had a stone path that wound through her little plot and although she had all kinds of plants, whenever I see Peonies I think of her!

Lilacs, Susan B.

The plants of my heart are lilacs (we had buckets of them at our wedding) and a 40+ year old clematis (purple!) planted outside our back porch door. It is the first plant put in when we moved into our home over 40 years ago. When our builders did the deck, I made them promise they wouldn’t kill it. Lol. It is spectacular every year.

Lilacs, Debbie M.

For me, the lilac holds a special meaning. When my sisters and I were little girls each spring we would pick them to place in front a statue of Mary during the month of May. We had two large bushes on the side of our house. The flowers are beautiful and the scent is dreamy. We went to Catholic school and it was a special way of honoring Mary and smelling such a fragrant flower. Although my mother is not with us any longer this tradition of cutting the flowers together and placing them in a vase in our bedroom is dear to my heart.

Pansies, Sharon S.

I love pansies! Talk about homegrown happiness their smiley joyful faces brighten our spaces. These were my mom’s favorite too….she is gone now, but planting them each year makes me feel close to her. I love the trailing variety you have…already have a pot of them hanging on my porch to greet me each morning.

Lavender, Beth H.

My favorite is lavender because my Grandma always had it in her garden and the smell is amazing!  It holds special memories for me because that is where my love of flowers came from!

Butterfly Bush, Anna K.

The butterfly bush (which I purchased at Bedners 2 years ago) in honor of my husband. It is planted in my little memory garden by my patio where I can enjoy it each summer.

Sadly he lost his three year battle with lung cancer six years ago and at his Celebration of Life service I presented to my loved ones and closest friends a butterfly.

I continue to wear a piece of butterfly jewelry everyday. I appreciate the beauty of my butterfly bush with it’s graceful violet blooms. Each and every time I see it’s blossoms I remember him.

Calla Lily, Linda B.

The Cala Lilly. Elegant and delicate, with a variety of colors. Love taking photos of my flowers.

Gift Card Winner

We used a random number generator to select a winner for a $25 gift card. The number it produced was 5, and the fifth person to respond was Lisa DaPra. Congratulations Lisa!