Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Garden Tour 2021: Garden #1

Our first stop for our Garden Tour was at Debbie and Phil’s house in Castle Shannon. They are both retired and have lived at the residence for 45 years. Together, they’ve done almost everything themselves, including the paver walkways, gates and picket fence. Their garden space gives them both joy on a daily basis.

The informal style landscape includes unique art items, some of which were created by Debbie. Some of the plants include hydrangea, clematis, weigela, coral bells, perennial hibiscus, a dwarf hinoki cypress, daylilies, hosta, ferns, a weeping cherry tree, silver mound artemesia, chrysanthemums, a birch tree, and a huge 45+ year old azalea. They also have an enclosed vegetable garden area and deck with container gardens and herbs.

Their biggest challenges have been ground hogs, flooding, and designing for a small lot. They’ve been using a mulch made of large pieces to help prevent it from washing away and disintegrating quickly. Debbie’s favorite plants are the spring bulbs that bloom first. Phil’s favorite thing about the garden is enjoying his coffee in the morning amongst beautiful surroundings they’ve created.