Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Garden Tour 2021: Garden #2

Michele has been gardening since she was a child. She had the opportunity to help on her family’s farm and the love of growing plants and food stuck with her. Her aunt’s love of gardening had also inspired her. “I loved the magic that she was able to produce in her garden and that inspired me to continue to this day adding a bit of magic and awe to my garden for others to enjoy.”

Michele has designed her cottage style garden to compliment her Tudor home. There are explosions of colorful plants in continual progress from one week to the next. The garden included fragrance from lavender, geranium, roses, and autumn clematis. Other plants include a sycamore tree, hydrangeas, azaleas, bleeding hearts, astilbe, goosenecks, echinacea, peonies, brunnera, liatris, columbine, wisteria, and honeysuckle.

Michele’s garden always has a seasonal surprise or two, and whimsy can be found in the most unexpected places. She has various “rooms”ย  that are divided by location of beds and the geography of the property. The sections help to develop the flow of the garden and move one’s eye from one area to another through a change in mulch color or garden ornamentation. Each flower bed has at least one piece of art, trellis, obelisk, or garden statue that compliments that particular area.

In describing her garden, Michele says– “My garden gives me the most pleasure when others say they love to see what I have done that is new or different and I love sharing plants with friends and neighbors, as they sometimes need to be split or removed to accomplish a new look or clean up an area to provide a path. I think that the garden has provided the opportunity to get to know my neighbors and share gardening discussions with them.”