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keep learning and growing 

It’s amazing what you can do with your own two hands, especially when you’re curious and keep learning. Grab a friend or come on your own as one of our friendly experts leads you through fun and informational lectures, discussions and hands-on workshops.


  • Annuals 101
  • Beginning Gardener Bootcamp
  • Container Gardening for Beginners
  • Deer-Proof Gardening
  • Fall Gardening Fun
  • Gardening for the Birds
  • Gardening with Natives

    Are you interested in learning more about Western PA Trees & Shrubs? During this session, you’ll learn about variety, growth, planting, & care of local trees and shrubs, and why native plants will always be our first choice. 

    Price: $10/person

    Questions? Contact Ryan at

  • Herb Gardening for Beginners
  • How to Plant Trees & Shrubs
  • Hydrangea How-To’s

    Are you interested in learning more about Hydrangeas? Discover the different hydrangea varieties (Smooth, big, panicle, climbing, and oak leaf), their growth habits, proper planting, pruning, and care of these romantic landscape favorites.

    Price: $10/person

    Questions? Contact Ryan at

  • Intro to Bulb Gardening
  • Landscape Design Basics

    Thinking of making some changes in your yard and garden? Not sure exactly where to start in the landscape design process? We’ll run you through the basics of landscape design and prepare you for the upcoming season. 

    Price: $10 Per Participant

    Questions? Contact Ryan at

  • Pollinator Palooza

    Join us to learn more about plant varieties that attract pollinators. We’ll cover the favorite plant types for different pollinators, water sources, nesting sites and shelters to support our local pollinators.

    Price: $10/person

    Questions? Contact Ryan at

  • Preserving the Harvest
  • Rain Barrel Make & Take

    Are you interested in collecting rain water at your house or building a Rain Barrel? Bedner’s Farm and Greenhouse has the materials and tools for this backyard, DIY project. Trust us, this class will be barrels of fun!

    Learn the importance of fresh water conservation, the impact of rain water run-off, and the benefits of collecting and storing rain water. We’ll cover how to harvest rain from your roof to use in your own backyard, site selection, water management, rain water run off, and plenty more!

    After 30-45 minutes of background, you will have the option to build your own rain barrel. If you’re not interested in building a rain barrel, you can grab a pre-assembled one.

    Price: $90 – Includes lecture, workshop instruction, downspout connecter, and rain barrel. Bring a friend and they can attend for free. Please indicate in comments at check-out so we can address capacity limits.

    Questions? Contact Ryan at

  • Roses 101

    Even if you’ve had roses for years, you’d be surprised at the new varieties, colors and tips for care. Learn about planting, watering, pests, and general care tips.

    Price: $10 Per Participant

    Questions? Contact Ryan at

  • Soil + Amendments
  • Success with Perennials
  • Veggie Gardening 101

    Interested in starting your own veggie garden? We’ll begin with how to garden in the ground, a raised bed, or container.  We’ll cover site selection, sunlight, watering schedules, pollinators, soil conditions, fertilizers, and plants to make your first garden a delicious success for you and your family.

    After the informational session, we will take questions and lead the group in sketching your garden.

    Price: $10/person

    Questions? Contact Ryan at

Group Lecture Pricing Overview:
At the Greenhouse or Virtual: $100 – 1 Hour
At your location: $250  – 1 Hour


  • Container Gardens
  • Bulb Lasagna
  • DIY Bird Houses

    Bring a friend or your whole family to construct and/or paint a birdhouse! 

    Birdhouse Construction & Painting Project #1 – Use a screw driver to manually screw all of the pre-cut pieces together into the pre-drilled holes. After putting your birdhouse together, make it your own with paint. Project designed for one person or a pair/group. 

    Birdhouse Painting Project #2 – You will receive a pre-assembled birdhouse that you can personalize with paint. Project designed for one person or a pair/group. 

    Please select your option at check-out. This class is for both adults and children.

    Price: $25/project

    Questions? Contact Ryan Smith at

  • Pallet Gardens

    Have you seen a Pallet Garden on Pinterest or Instagram and been curious about creating your own? Here’s your chance! 

    We will meet at the tent in the Nursery Section and begin by selecting your pallet and installing landscape fabric. After construction, we’ll fill our pallets with soil and select our plants. Every garden/project will be unique, but there are three examples that we recommend: Herb, Veggie, or Creative. From Basil to Curry, Lettuce to Strawberries, or Ivy to Hens & Chicks, we have everything you need.

    Price: Charged per project not per person

  • Pick-Your-Own Bouquet
  • Pick-Your-Own Veggies
  • Plant ‘n Paint
  • Pumpkin Painting
  • Pumpkin Planters
  • Succulent Pumpkins
  • Holiday Centerpiece or Wreath-making

$15-90 per person, depending on the project
(10 Person Minimum)

Behind the Scenes Tour:  1-hour

Your tour will begin with a talk about the types of plants we offer and their uses. Next, we’ll go for a walk around the property to show you the production greenhouses and/or farm fields, depending on the season. You’ll learn all about the Bedner family farming heritage, what we grow on-site and how we grow it, and see some of the equipment that we use to get the job done.

Pricing: $100 for up to 20 people.
Groups of 20+ will be split into multiple groups.

Field Trips

Designed for pre-school, public schools, homeschool co-ops and Scouts groups or clubs.

Choose one or a combination of activities from any of our adult offerings to create the perfect field trip! We can customize and tailor all instruction and activities by age group or merit badge requirements.

Find more information online and fill out an interest form to connect with our Education & Events Coordinator.

Experience Add-Ons

Tractor-pulled Wagon Ride: $5/person

Farm-to-table Lunch: see seasonal menu

Wine Tasting Flights: $10/person

Cash Bar – Wine/Beer/Spirits: see seasonal menu

Yoga: $15/person

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