Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Handmade Evergreen Gifts + Decor

handmade adjective
made by hand, rather than by machine; made with care or craftmanship;
the luxury of handmade shoes.


When a gift is handmade, it has unique qualities that make it extra special. Someone’s time, energy, and creativity were poured into the gift. You can even say that the creator’s love goes into the giftโ€” their passion, enthusiasm, and devotion to their goal of bringing joy and beauty to the gift recipient.

It is with that dedication that our staff creates evergreen gifts and decor for the holidays. Careful attention is given to each unique item, from small evergreen arrangements to large porch pots. We assemble a combination of greens first, such as frasier fir, noble fir, juniper, boxwood, holly, white pine, and incense cedar. Then we add in decorative branches, berries, or magnolia leaves. Lastly, we put the perfect accents in, like floral picks or pine cones, and finish it with a handmade bow.

Decorating with evergreens during the holidays and winter time is an age-old tradition. The sight of them cheers up our homes during a time of year when the rest of plants and nature outside are resting until spring. They represent life and hope.

Did you know that research shows that the comforting fragrance of evergreens is actually healing? As Florence Williams explains in her book, “The Nature Fix”, the aerosols, or phytoncides from evergreen plants have been found to increase our immunity and reduce fatigue. Now that’s a good reason to “deck the halls”!

This holiday season, we will have plenty of our uniquely handmade, grab-n-go mixed evergreen containers for you to choose from. If you have a special someone that you want to handmake a gift for yourself, we have plenty of items available in our DIY Station too. To make it even easier for you, you can handmake a gift at one of our upcoming workshops, where we have everything ready for you to make your own winter container for the porch, a swag, a centerpiece, a whimsical gnome, wreath, or a grave blanket.