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Hanging Basket Care: 101

In this Bedner TV special, we will be focusing on how to take care of your hanging flower baskets..

To maintain beautiful flower baskets throughout the summer months- be sure to pay attention to the watering, pruning, and fertilizing of your plants.

One of the most important parts of hanging basket care is Watering. When watering- you can lift the basket to feel the weight or touch the soil inside of the basket for moisture. If it is light and lifts easily or the soil feel dry, water the flowers until water runs through the holes beneath the basket. On hot days, be sure to check your container more than once.

Pruning is another important part of flower basket maintenance. To encourage new growth and re-blooming in your hanging basket, be sure to cut back spent flowers and branches. This keeps the plant looking full and from producing seeds.

Fertilizing every 7 to 10 days is key to ensuring a healthy basket and plant growth. When fertilizing your basket- be sure that the soil is moist to avoid burning the plant roots.

There are two different types of fertilizer options: a water-soluble that mixes with water and can be added when watering the basket, and slow-release in the form of pellets that can be placed on the top of the basket before watering. 

If you haven’t watched Bedners TV yet, visit our YouTube channel or watch below for more information on hanging basket care and video tutorials on watering and planting trees, planting for pollinators, and more.