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Houseplant of the Month: Pilea peperomioides

Houseplant of the Month

Pilea peperomioides is often known as the Friendship Plant because it generously reproduces many “baby” plants that you can give away to friends! The attractive, round leaves are a shiny, dark green and resemble large coins, so some refer to it as a money plant.

This easy to grow plant belongs to the nettle family Urticaceae, native to Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in southern China. The plant is grown more for the foliage, but will get small white flowers during periods of cooler temperatures. The plant is non-toxic and safe for your furry family members, however always keep your houseplants out of the reach of dogs, cats, and children.

Care and Maintenance:

Place your friendship plant in bright, indirect light. Too much direct sun may burn the leaves.

Treat the pilea similar to a succulent, letting it dry out between waterings. It’s native habitat is among mountain rocks, so be sure that the soil has plenty of drainage.

It has a strong tendency to grow toward the light source, so you can give the pot a slight rotation every time you water.

Fertilize with a houseplant food monthly.

Pilea peperomioides