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Houseplant of the Month: Rabbit Foot Fern

Houseplant of the Month

The rabbit’s foot fern plant gets its name from the furry rhizomes that grow on top of the soil and resemble a rabbit’s foot. The rhizomes often grow over the side of the pot, adding an extra dimension to the plant. Functional as well as decorative, the rhizomes absorb moisture and nutrients as they crawl across the moist soil.

Rabbit’s foot ferns like bright but indirect sunlight, such as that found near a window with an eastern exposure.

  • Grow this fern in a hanging basket to show off the intriguing rhizomes.
  • It also grows well in shallow pots, as the majority of the growth is above the soil.
  • This plant looks lovely when added to a fern collection, greenhouse, or as a specimen indoor plant.
  • Surprisingly sensitive to salt, insecticides, scented candles, and tobacco smoke.
  • Safe around pets and children.
Rabbit Foot Fern