Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

How We Grow When No One’s Looking

The garden center is closed until spring, though the work we do in the seven months the doors are open to shoppers is just a fraction of what happens throughout the year. The off-season months are full of activity. November was an especially busy time for our Landscape Team who was going strong all month to squeeze in the final plant installs and clean-ups of the season.

Pictured here is a recent view from our Grower’s desk. Lauren has been busy creating visual planting plans for the thousands of hanging baskets that we grow. Right after the holidays and into the first couple of weeks of January, our staff assembles the baskets and fills them with potting mix. This is all to prep them for planting the fourth week of January.

Each week of the growing season is meticulously planned out by Erin, our Greenhouse Production Manager, and Lauren is Erin’s right hand expert. I get the fun of browsing through their detailed and extensive spreadsheets, and it brings so much joy to already anticipate what the new year will bring. Over the frozen winter months, we’ll be sharing some inspiration when you need it most, with highlights from our homegrown plant line-up, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we’ll be here working behind the scenes, getting ready for the best spring yet.

How are you preparing for spring? Do you want to make some improvements and upgrades to your yard and landscape? Most of our spring and summer work is booked over the winter when you’ll have the undivided attention of our landscape team. Even better, you can be one of the first on our schedule for spring. Also, scroll down a bit for our recent first place wins—we’re pretty proud of the recognition and are grateful for all the support.

Enjoy the lead up to the Holidays!