Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

In the Production Greenhouses: a behind-the-scenes look at wintertime on the farm / pt2

With 17 production greenhouses to fill before spring, there has been a LOT of activity going on at the farm. Greenhouses are getting cleaned and sanitized. Pots and hanging baskets are getting filled with soil. Deliveries of cutting trays are arriving daily. Seeds are getting sown. Fresh plants are getting planted.

Here is just a tiny glimpse inside the greenhouses.

Here you’ll find succulent and vinca vine cuttings that will sit on our heated benches to get rooted. Recognize the aloe plant? This one is called Pink Blush, which has gorgeous light and dark green mottling with pink edges.

We’ve started planting many hanging baskets, including asparagus fern and fuchsia that are pictured here. How many hanging baskets do you think we grow? This winter we will plant and care for over 10,400 hanging baskets! Sizes of the baskets include 10″, 12″, a 16″ moss-lined baskets, and a variety of what we call “fancy” baskets, which come in more decorative shapes made from metal frames lined with moss.

We also grow a second crop of hanging baskets for the summer time, plus mum hanging baskets for the fall, plus baskets of fresh-cut greenery arrangements for holiday and wintertime. We like to keep things fresh and interesting for each season of the year.