Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

June Gardening Checklist

1. Continue vegetable garden succession plantings

Make the most of your space by planting different crops in succession. Once your early season crops are done, you can remove them and replant with summer season crops, then plant again with cool season crops in the late summer or early fall.

For example, you can plant radish, lettuce, or carrots early, then grow tomatoes or peppers, and then plant cabbage or broccoli after that, all in the same space.

Another technique is called relay planting, where you plant the same crop every two weeks. This will extend your season and ensure a long harvest.

Learn more about succession and relay planting

2. Prune early blooming shrubs

Prune the following shrubs right after they bloom to make sure that you don’t remove next springs flower buds:

  • lilacs
  • azaleas
  • forsythia
  • Virginia sweetspire
  • mock orange
  • nine bark
  • quince
  • rhododendron
  • viburnum
  • spring-blooming spiraea

3. Weeding

Stay on top of removing weeds from the garden.

They not only look bad, but they also take up the moisture and nutrients needed for your plants.

4. Plant container gardens

If you haven’t got to planting containers in May, it’s not too late!

Annuals are still readily available all summer. If you’re short on time or not sure what to plant, we can help. Learn more about our custom container service here.ย We continuously plant up fresh containers all season, and have started using biodegradable fiber pots that you can easily drop right into your existing pot.

custom container service