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Just Arrived – Fresh Plants

Blue Satin Rose of Sharon

Blue Satin Rose of Sharon

June 20, 2015.  We are continuously getting in and growing fresh plants all season.  Many of the plants we carry can be found in the Plant Finder.  Our inventory is constantly changing, so stop by often to check it out! 

Here’s a glimpse of what arrived yesterday:

‘Tib’ Scotch Heather (calluna vul.)

Rose of Sharon ‘Blue Satin’ 

Hydrangea m. ‘Edgy Hearts’, ‘Zorro’, and ‘Forever & Ever Peppermint’

Blueberry Bush ‘Chippewa’

Artemesia ‘Silver Mound’

Cornflower ‘Amethyst Dream’ (centaurea)

Clematis ‘Oiamantina’

Dianthus ‘Neon Star’ and ‘Shooting Star’

Coneflowers, (Echinacea), ‘Gum Drop’, ‘Hot Papaya’, ‘Now Cheesier’, ‘Supreme Cantaloupe’, ‘Supreme Flamingo’

Coral Bells (heuchera), ‘Zipper’

Hostas ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ and ‘Francee’


Purrsian Blue Catmint

Catmint (nepeta), ‘Purrsian Blue’

Phlox ‘Junior Dance’

Silene d. ‘Clifford Moor’