Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Congratulations on your decision to invest in your landscape! We truly appreciate the opportunity to join you on your land- scape improvements journey. The following is what you can ex- pect from our Landscape Design process. Our knowledgeable Landscape Team is here to help you every step of the way.

Step 1 – The Request

There are two ways to request our services:

  1. Call us at 724-926-2541 and choose the “Landscape Department” option.
  2. Submit the Landscape Request Form. This initial information will help us understand your goals and dreams.

Step 2 – Additional Info

To speed up the process, having the following ready for your initial visit would be highly beneficial:

SITE MAP: In addition to the Landscape Request Form, we would also like a Site Map. This is usually attached to your mortgage paperwork. If you don’t have it, we can look it up online through the property tax office.

BUDGET: This is the total amount you wish to invest in your project. If the project is extensive, we can guide you in breaking it down into more manageable phases.

PICTURES: If you haven’t already, compile some photos of land- scapes that inspire you. This will help us to learn more about your style and likes/dislikes. Keep in mind that the outside of your home is an extension of the inside.

Step 3 – The Site Visit

FEE: $75*

WHAT: Our Designer visits your property to learn more about what your vision is for the landscape, and how we can help you make it happen. During this one-hour visit, you get one- on-one consulting with a landscape professional who will offer creative recommendations and options.

WHEN: We’ll call you within two business days of receiving your request, to schedule an appointment with you and any other key decision makers.

*If you choose to proceed with the Design Plan, and our Landscape Team installs it, the Site Visit fee will be applied to your final invoice once the work is complete.

Step 4 – The Plan

Based on the information you have shared with us in your Landscape Request Form and your conversation with the Designer at your Site Visit, we are able to provide an estimate for a complete landscape plan. The plan will include:

  • A Plant Picture Key
  • (1) Image Edit of the project
  • (1) Black + White Plan
  • (1) Color Plan

A 50% deposit is required to start the design process. The balance of the design fee is due at the end of the Design Plan Review Meeting.

Step 5 – Design Plan Review

Once the design is complete, a Design Plan Review meeting will be scheduled at the Garden Center, where you can see, touch and feel some of the plant and hardscape materials suggested for your project. We ask that all decision makers attend the Plan Review to prevent any miscommunication. One round of revisions is included in the design fee. Major revisions can be accommodated at our $75 hourly rate.

Do you want a printable version of our landscaping design process? Download the PDF version to print or read offline.

Download Design Process PDF

  • New Construction?

    It is never too early to involve us in the building process. In fact, the earlier you contact us, the better we are able to assist you. The site can be your home or a commerical/office site.