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Local Angus Beef

AR-160619999August 1, 2016  

Just a shout out to our friends Oren and Beth at Oak Hill Farm in Avella. Contact them for their updated availability of Angus cuts, roasts and ground beef. Thank you for supporting local farmers! 

About Oak Hill Farm

Oren and Beth Smith are Pennsylvania natives who retired from the hectic city life and returned to their rural roots in 1984. They purchased a small dairy farm that dated back to 1866 and set about converting it into a beef cattle grazing operation. The first few years were spent replacing fences, reseeding pastures, capturing the flow of natural spring waters and growing the herd of purebred Angus cattle. In 2000, a vegetable market garden was added and in 2006 a greenhouse.

Oren and Beth have remained committed to providing their customers with fresh, nutritious, and delicious vegetables and lean Angus beef and to preserving and protecting the land and natural resources that make these products possible.