Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Locally Made Honey

September 9, 2014

Mark and Sara Bedillion own the Bedillion Honey Farm & Farm Market, a roadside stand on Route 18 in Mt. Pleasant Township. What began as a hobby ten years ago has blossomed into a full-time family business. The couple and their four children, who range in age from 17 to 3, handle the entire honeybee operation, from harvesting the honey twice a year, extracting the sticky golden liquid, bottling and marketing.

Bees pollinate $63 million worth of crops in Pennsylvania and more than $15 billion worth throughout the country, and educating people about the value of bees and promoting beekeeping are important to this family. Mark offers beekeeping lessons, which include how to set up a hive, proper use of tools and equipment, feeding and proper bee space.

Bednerโ€™s Farm & Greenhouse is proud to offer Bedillion Honey. For more information about the Bedillion Honey Farm & Farm Market, go to