Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse


Our lovely Landscape Assistant grew up in her family’s greenhouse and orchard, did her Master’s internship at Bedner’s and gets to work with her dad every day.

It’s nice to know the people behind the plants. Especially the ones who are generous about sharing their experience and expertise. This is one of many Bedner’s team members who loves plants and plant people and who makes the farm and garden center an even better place to be.

Meet Carolyn

Name: Carolyn Blaine

Role: Landscape Assistant

Education: Growing up in my family’s greenhouse and orchard, a Bachelor’s in Park and Resource Management from Slippery Rock University, Master’s in Park and Resource Management and Environmental Education and an internship with Bedner’s.

How long have you been with Bedner’s? Since 2022.

Favorite things about your job? I get to share the happiness of plants with customers, learn from my co-workers and work with my dad!

Top 3 Plants?

  • Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipfera)
  • Ninebark ‘Little Devil’ (Physocarpus opulifolious)
  • Calamint (Calamintha nepeta)

Best piece of garden advice? Gardening is one of the best adventures and experiments you can have at home. Also, don’t be afraid to cut a plant back (such as petunias or million bells) to give it new life. Plants are much tougher than we think.

Something interesting about you? I used to work for the YMCA as a Camp Director and love being outdoors. I also love pruning and cutting things back.

Interests and hobbies? Being outside, gardening, reading, traveling, collecting dried flowers and butterfly/moth specimens.

Favorite vacation spot? Edinburgh, Scotland

Proudest accomplishment? Graduating from college.

Favorite game, team or sport to watch or play? I love to watch baseball and soccer. I enjoy playing volleyball.

Anything else you want to add? If you call for landscape projects, I’m the cheery voice you’ll hear on the other end of the phone. I love talking to customers about plants and hearing their excitement about their yards and gardens.

We hope you’ll say hello to CAROLYN next time you’re in the garden center!

The people of Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse are here to inspire future plant people. We care about the vast benefits to our environment, health and quality of life, and would love to share it all with you. Please ask if you have any questions. We’d be thrilled to help if you need us.