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If you see Maureen, our retail manager, she’s probably humming while she rocks our creative displays. Ask her about her civic-minded and successful grown children, her love for unusual foliage and when and where she’s seeing Dave Matthews Band next.

It’s nice to know the people behind the plants. Especially the ones who are generous about sharing their experience and expertise. This is one of many Bedner’s team members who loves plants and plant people and who makes the farm and garden center an even better place to be.

Meet Maureen

Name: Maureen Campbell

Role: Retail Manager

Education: I have degrees in Horticulture/Floriculture and Early Childhood Development from Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC). 

How long have you worked in horticulture and/or at Bedner’s? I’ve been with Bedner’s for more than two-and-a-half years, 14 months or so as Retail Manager. Over 25 years in horticulture, I’ve been a perennial and indoor plants manager, field trip coordinator, annuals staff member, production staff member, worked in the wreath booth, garden center, floral arranging, events and anything and everything else!

Top 3 Plants? Hard one! I love Passion Flowers, Dichondra and Lantana. The older I get, the more I am into unusual foliage over flowering plants. I love variegation or brightly colored foliage. I also love anything that attracts pollinators.

Best piece of garden advice? Be a weather watcher! Please don’t put basil and Tropicals outside in March! I’ve already said that several times this season.

Water your plants thoroughly, not a little bit of water more frequently. That’s how you make shallow roots. You kill more houseplants from overwatering than by underwatering. Water houseplants until water comes out the bottom, then leave it alone. Don’t put yourself on a schedule for watering indoor plants like once a week. It all depends on your indoor environment, and it changes throughout the year. Every type of plant has different water requirements.

Something interesting about you? I tend to hum a bunch when working. No clue why (lol), My facial expression has nothing to do with what I’m thinking at the moment. I’m probably thinking of things I need to do or am in deep thought. I love being creative and doing display work.

Interests and hobbies? I LOVE music, especially live music. I have gone to hundreds of concerts and DMB is my favorite. I have seen them from East coast to the West and in Mexico, twice. I have been to many music festivals all over the country. Also enjoy going to trivia, love perennial and container gardening and wineries.

Favorite vacation spot? I LOVE to travel! Love St. Augustine, Florida, any beach with turquoise water on the Caribbean, mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina, California, Sedona AZ and anywhere new to discover!

Proudest accomplishment? By far my two grown children! Both are very independent and have professional jobs helping to improve the world. They both played their high school sports all through college as well.

Our daughter lives in Florida and has worked with dolphins, at a nature preserve educating children about the environment, as a kayak guide, softball coach, owned her own business and is a high school Biology/Earth Science teacher who just won Rookie Teacher of the Year!

Our son lives in Cincinnati, was published in high school, featured in Positive Athlete, received the Positive Athlete of the Year award from Hines Ward and won WPIAL Person of the Year. He started his career as a campaign manager for a city council member in Cincinnati and now works for a non-profit in Cincinnati bringing new business to the city. He also coaches Lacrosse after work and just won Assistant Coach of the Year.

Both of my kids volunteer for everything under the sun! They have good hearts and want to improve the world we live in. I miss them a ton but am extremely proud of the people they have become and how independent they are.

I have also been married almost 30 years to my wonderful husband. I am proud we married young and are still going strong!

Favorite game, team or sport to watch or play? I love watching lacrosse because it’s so fast moving. Enjoy watching the Steelers, too. Also, up for catching our kids anytime they play or coach sports.

Anything else? Anytime a good live band is around, especially if outdoors, let me know!

We hope you’ll say hello to maureen next time you’re in the garden center!

The people of Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse are here to inspire future plant people. We care about the vast benefits to our environment, health and quality of life, and would love to share it all with you. Please ask if you have any questions. We’d be thrilled to help if you need us.