Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Meet the Staff : Jonathan Gingrich

Name: Jonathan Gingrich

Position:  Landscape Designer & Estimator

Years working at the greenhouse: First Year  

Did you go to school anywhere? Major?  I went to Penn State University, and graduated with a degree in Landscape Contracting: Design/Build

Did you grow up locally? If not, where?  I grew up in Wingate, PA which is located near Penn State University.

What made you want to be a Landscape Designer? Some of the reasons why I choose to be a landscape designer are; I enjoy being creative, and I enjoy coming up with solutions to a problem. Being a landscape designer fulfills that  need to be creative, and it takes that creativity and turns it into reality. For me; seeing one of my designs installed provides a sense of accomplishment that is hard to compare to anything else. The other reason I enjoy being a landscape designer is how it allows me to help others. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of solving a problem, and I’ve always enjoyed helping others. Landscape design allows me to do both at the same time. Nothing is quite like the joy somebody has after you present a design, or they see their landscape finally installed. When I see that joy, it brings me happiness.

Is there an interesting story about how you got to this type of job? I’m not sure if it would be considered interesting, but how I got interested into landscaping is my need for a summer job. After my freshman year of college I needed a job to pay bills, and one day there was a landscape crew working in my neighbors yard. I decided to talk to this guy, who ended up being the owner of the company, and told him I was interested in working for him. After an interview, and a  ice cream sundae at McDonalds (that’s where I had my interview) I started landscaping the following week. At first I wasn’t crazy about the hard work of mulching and trimming, but I remember after I help completed my first patio I was hooked. That following spring I was no longer majoring in engineering, I was majoring in Landscape Contracting, specifically Design/Build.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job? The most enjoyable part of my job is design a brand new landscape. Although it is challenging when working with a blank canvas, it is also very rewarding when the final product turns into something amazing.

Do you have a favorite plant?  My favorite plant would be hydrangeas or eastern red buds. I love the huge balloon like flowers of the hydrangea and love the pink flowers of the eastern redbuds.

Least favorite plant? My least favorite plant would be viburnum from personal experience when trimming them. At the time I didn’t know this certain viburnum was going to make me itchy than poison ivy. By the end of the day I was ready to quit.

Favorite part of working at Bedner’s?  I really enjoy the people I work with. I am constantly learning, and have people to look up to. The owner Russ is a great role model, who constantly amazes me with how much he does. Anytime I think I have too much on my plate I remember how much Russ is taking on and quickly realize he’s taking on way more than me. That helps motivates me to push myself. I think that is important in any career ,because you need somebody who inspires you to better yourself, and for me, it is the owner Russ.

Something interesting about yourself? One of the more unique parts about my past is I used to wrestle in college. I wrestled at Penn State and I was very fortunate to be apart of a National Championship Teams while I was there.

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