Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Meet the Staff, Cyndi Nickerson

Cyndi Nickerson, Sales Associate

Did you go to college?
I did not go to college. I started at Bell of Pa. a week after graduating high school and retired at 49 years old with 31 years of service.

How long have you worked at Bedner’s?
I have been with Bedner’s going on six years.

Favorite thing about your job:
the people, my co-workers, and the beautiful flowers! Bedner’s is my “Happy Place”.

Top 3 favorite plants:
Hydrangea, Mezoo, Canna Lily

Best piece of garden advice:
If you are doing your own landscaping at a new home, wait a few months until you are sure of sun, shade and soil quality, otherwise you might be replanting and moving plants at least 2 or 3 times!

Something interesting:
I was shy and awkward in school growing up, until I started working at Bedner’s! Lol! And I can write backwards as well as forward!

Interests and hobbies:
reading, cooking, biking, and walking the trail

Favorite vacation spot:
Outer Banks

Proudest accomplishment:
Staying married for 29+ years to the same person– Craig! Our friends all said it wouldn’t last!

Favorite game or sport to watch or play?
game – Words with Friends
sports – Steelers football

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