Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Meet the Staff: Hannah Steimer

Hannah Steimer, Landscape Design Assistant

Hannah has been working in the horticulture industry for over five years now. She started out in the hort department at the Pittsburgh Zoo. She’s been on our Landscape Team for over a year now. She graduated from Community College of Allegheny with an Associate degree in Science and from California University with a Bachelors of Environmental Studies, minoring in Biology and a concentration in Conservation Ecology.

Favorite thing about your job: The abundance of personal and professional development opportunities! I have found it extremely uplifting to find a company that encourages continued growth in their employees. From being provided with professional journals, articles, and books to shadowing my coworkers in the field and freely asking questions, Bedner’s has continued to support and nurture my passion for the industry.

Top 3 favorite plants: Lupine, Calycanthus, and Sycamore

Best piece of garden advice: Know your light conditions. In particular, keep in mind that in the spring, bare-branched trees may give the illusion of sunny spots, but once leafed-out those areas will often be heavily shaded during summer and most of fall! 

Something interesting about you: I almost became a sonographer! I had been accepted into a sonography program and was weeks away from starting, when I realized I couldn’t imagine being happy unless I was working with/in nature. 

Interests and hobbies: Reading (historical fiction in particular), Hiking, Cooking

Favorite vacation spot: Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio

Proudest accomplishment: Being an aunt to two lively, naughty, and terribly spoiled little boys!

Favorite game or sport to watch or play? I don’t know how many people would consider it a sport, but the Redbull Soapbox races make for great tv!