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Christine Lauble, Landscape Architect

Christine Lauble – Landscape Architect

Years working at the greenhouse: 0, I’m excited for my first year!

Did you go to school anywhere? Major? I was graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture.

Grow up locally? If not, where? I grew up in Baldwin and graduated from Baldwin High School. Currently, I live in Mt. Lebanon but will move closer to Bedner’s this summer when my son graduates from Mt. Lebanon High School. 

What made you want to be a landscape designer/architect? Growing up, I wanted to be an architect.  When one of my older sisters began attending WVU before me, she convinced me that I should also attend WVU and try out their landscape architecture program.  So I guess my sister made me do it!

Is there an interesting story about how you got to this type of job?  When I was working my former job in landscape lighting sales, I met with Dave, then with Russ, to introduce the product line to the landscape department.  Between meeting with Dave and Russ, I found Bedner’s Landscape Designer job posting on LinkedIn and decided to apply.  During the sales appointment with Russ, it turned into part sales call, part impromptu job interview.  I was later invited back for a formal interview, then a second interview, and then I happily accepted the job offer for my current position. 

What is the most enjoyable part of your job? I love all of the outdoor aspects of my job, especially construction observation and site visits when the projects are being installed. I love to watch the installations and I always learn a lot and enjoy it immensely.

Do you have a favorite plant? Phlox paniculata ‘David’, Nicotiana, Cleome, White Ash (it’s heartbreaking knowing that the Emerald Ash Borer is in the process of wiping out the entire genus), and the fragrance from Lilacs always makes Lilac a favorite when they’re in bloom.   Least favorite plant? The aptly named Yucca and Gold Mop Cypress.

Favorite part of working at Bedner’s? I love being surrounded by and immersed in the green industry.  I love walking through the green houses and checking out all the new cultivars and plant introductions.

Gardening Tip? Be mindful of the mature height and spread of all plants and space plant material accordingly when installing, allowing plenty of space for the plants to reach their mature size. 

A gardening trick you learned that always stuck with you? Prune Forsythia immediately after flowering. Remove 1/4 to 1/3 of the shrub by cutting the oldest, thickest, darkest branches down to the base of the plant.  Reach into the base of the plant, cutting as low as possible.  With this type of pruning, the plant is completely rejuvenated every 3-4 years and will bloom from the base to the tip of the branches.  This pruning method also works great for Redtwig and Yellowtwig Dogwood shrubs.  Prune them anytime in the winter.  Then they’ll keep their beautiful bright red or yellow winter stem color. If they’re not pruned this way, over time, the desirable red or yellow winter interest will decrease every year.

Something interesting about yourself?  I have a daughter who is studying early childhood education and special education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a son who graduates high school this spring.  I play on a kickball team, swim, take woodworking classes and I love Penguins Hockey!

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