Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Mobile app BENEFITS

Bedner's Mobile App

Mobile App Rewards
  • $5 for downloading the app
  • $5 for every 5 check-ins * give your camera permission to scan
  • $5 for your birthday
  • and much more!
other benefits include–
  • Fresh garden tips and inspo posted regularly
  • Purchase a digital Gift Card
  • Fill Out a Landscape Services Request Form
  • Stay up to date with the latest Bedner news
  • Sign up for events and workshops


how do i sign up?

Search ‘Bedner’s’ on iTunes or Google Play, download and create your account.

how do i Check-In with the Mobile App?

You get $5 for every 5 check-ins. A cashier will have a QR code ready for you to scan at the time of check out. Make sure to have your camera settings on for the app to be able to scan.

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When will I get Rewards?

Rewards accrue based on repeat check-ins and store promotions, and are much easier to access and redeem than paper coupons.

How do I redeem Rewards? 

Open your mobile app at the check-out counter, click the Rewards button, and choose the rewards you’d like to redeem. Rewards can be spent on any plant or product in stock.

I forgot to check-in last time I was there. Can I still get credit? 

Yes! From the mobile app, click the message icon at the top to request a check-in. Give us your name and date of visit, and we will check you in.