Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

No Growth Without Change

I’m really excited about the changes and improvements we’re working on! Our offices are getting fresh paint and flooring, we’re transitioning to a new point of sale system and new greenhouse computer system and we’re bottling a lot of wine. We’ve been interviewing new team members, too, on top of all the usual spring prep and planning.

It’s in the Bedner blood to GROW, and there is no growth without change. It can be a little uncomfortable, with some anxiety around the change, but we know it’s a necessary process that leads to the best version of ourselves and our company. I do look forward to some quiet time and stillness to gather my thoughts on 2023 and share what I’ve learned, likely next month after the flurry of holiday activity. I have fresh supplies waiting for me—two new journals that I got for my birthday. One from a friend and one from our daughter, Hope. They know me well.

For now, I want to thank you for your support and wish you joy this holiday season. May you have some of your own time for personal reflection on the past year. It’s important for our soul-keeping to slow down. And as Sister Cheryl Rose says, maybe that’s why we need winter. ‘Summer calls us out to play. Winter draws us in to ponder.’

Happy Christmas and New Year!