Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse
  • Produce Field Availability


2024 season:
saturdays, MID/END OF JULY – AUGUST 10:00am – 2:00pm

Take a short walk to our fields to handpick your own fresh vegetables, including beets, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes.

Availability changes due to crop conditions and customer demand.

estimated harvest dates


Green Bush: August 1


Cucumber, Marketmore: July 15
Cucumber, Lemon: July 15
Pickles: July 15
Squash, Yellow Patty Pan: July 15
Zucchini: July 15


Estelal: Aug 15
Barbarella: Aug 15


Abe Lincoln: Aug 15
Aunt Lou’s: Aug 15
Roman Candle:  Aug 15
Zapotec Pleated: Aug 15
Sunsugar: July 15
Blue Beech: Aug 1
Mountain Fresh Plus: Aug 1
Primo Red: Aug 1
Red Deuce: Aug 1
Yellow Brandywine: Aug 15
German Johnson: Aug 15
Ponderosa Pink: Aug 15
Cherokee purple/Black Krim: Aug 15
Assorted salad tomatoes: July 15
Grape: July 15


(limited early supply)
Vanguard: July 15
Hot banana: July 15
Sweet banana: July 15
Poblano: July 15
Mariachi: Aug 1
Yum yum: Aug 1
Cubanelle: Aug 1
Jalapeno: Aug 1
Sweet heat: Aug 1
Super Khi: Aug 1


Farm Visitor Guidelines:
  • Remember to wash your hands with soap and water and sign the visitor log before entering the field.
  • Visitors should wear closed-toed shoes, long-sleeve shirts, sunscreen, and a hat to protect themselves from the sun.
  • Please do your best to wear clean shoes and clothing that have not been worn at other farms the same day — you could unwittingly bring in unwanted visitors!
  • Stay on the designated paths to avoid damaging the crops.
  • Keep an eye out for insects! They share the fields with us, too.
  • Please refrain from picking vegetables that have not reached mature size.
  • No pets allowed in the fields! Please leave your furry friends at home.
  • Please no trash, food, gum, tobacco or spitting in the fields.
  • Listen to your farm guide and ask us questions! We’re here to help!

Thank you for visiting Bedner’s Farm and Greenhouse