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Plants for Back to School

Indoor plants create a happier, calmer space for creative and focused learning. Research shows that students are happier, have less sick days, are more creative, and have higher test scores.

Smarty Plants

Classrooms with plants improve test scores by 10% or more.

Healthier Students

Plants in the classroom result in fewer sick days. In fact, Dutch children in classrooms with plants showed a 7% reduction in health problems. Along with better health, they were also more creative and had 20% higher test scores.

A Calming Influence

The greener a child’s play area, the less severe the symptoms of ADD. Everyone is just calmer and more relaxed when plants are around.

Happy Classrooms

Students and teachers report more positive feelings and satisfaction with plants in classrooms.

Source: National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture

Here are a few great plants that are in stock this week, and perfect for your favorite college studentโ€™s dorm or classroom!