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Russ’ Tips for Protecting Your Plants from Frost


Quite a change outside from yesterday! We went from shorts and a t-shirt to pants and a parka! Here are a couple quick tips to care for your plants:

  • Once the snow melts today, cover them with burlap or an old sheet. Do not use plastic.
  • If it get below freezing, most annuals, herbs, vegetables (besides the Cole crops) will probably die/ freeze unless you can bring them inside.
  • Be sure to bring in anything that fits those aspects for the next 2 nights/ days. There will be stronger cold winds that will damaging to your plants. They will do much better indoors or in a garage that doesn’t go below freezing temperatures.

Good luck, as our day today will be moving plants into a cozy greenhouse.

Hopefully this will be the last of the freezing temperatures for this spring.

My great grandfather use to sayย there is always a chance of frost until the last full moon in May. Remember frost can form when temperatures are in the upper 30’s and there are clear skies.

Take care everyone and don’t forget about your plants!