Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

September Gardening Checklist

Plant perennials

1. Plant perennials

September is a great month to plant! In the fall, the ground is warm and roots have plenty of time to get established.

Fall also brings cooler air temperatures and more rainfall, which is less stressful on newly planted perennials, trees, or shrubs.

2. Add plants with fall interest to the garden

September doesn’t mean that the garden has to look like it’s done for the season. There are plenty of plants for fall blooms, berries, and rich fall colors.

Now is a great time to add those in if you don’t have any! Some of our favorites include: mums, asters, anemone, plumbago, turtlehead, helenium, diervilla, oakleaf hydrangea, beautyberry, ninebark, and itea.

3. Seed Collecting

Collect and store in a cool, dry, dark place. Put the seeds in paper bags or envelopes to dry out. Label and store them until needed.

4. Bring in houseplants

Now is a great time to transition your houseplants from the porch or patio back into the house.

5. Seed any bare areas in the lawn