Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Spring Shopping Tips

The spring season is definitely our busiest at the garden center. There’s so much excitement in the air as we come out from winter hibernation and cabin fever and get gardening again! Additionally, it’s a time of celebration… celebrating Moms, graduations, Memorial Day, and the beginning of summer. Here are a few tips to make the most of your plant shopping this spring:


  • Don’t try to do it all at once. Enjoy it! Make multiple trips over the course of the spring and spread it out. Maybe do your containers first, then do one section of landscape beds at a time. Life is hurried enough. Don’t rush your gardening time. It’s your time to slow down, breathe deep, and get your hands dirty. It’s good for your mind, body and soul.


  • Often times people think that they have to have everything planted by Memorial Day. That’s not true! The best gardens are a work in progress and there is plenty to do and enjoy spring through fall. If for some reason something happens, (like life), and you don’t get everything done that you had hoped before June, don’t stress about it! We even grow a fresh crop of annuals just for summer.


  • Shop at less busy times of day during the spring rush. Weekday evenings from about 5-7pm are more quiet and less crowded, as well as rainy or cold days.


  • Browse our online store first. You’ll find a larger selection in-store, but many of our plants are available online, and you can get an idea of what you want before you make the trip out. We’re regularly making updates and improvements to the online store, so check back often.


  • Buy some things online that you know that you need for sure, like bags of mulch or potting soil, specific tomato or herb plants, fertilizer, etc, and have us pull it for you for curbside pickup or local delivery. Then come shop in person for the extras that you need, and to take your time and really get to look around. Curbside minimum orders are $100 and have a $20 personal shopper fee. Local delivery starts at $25 and goes up with distance. The time savings is totally worth it.


  • Download our Mobile App! Visit your app store and search Bedner’s Farm and Greenhouse. If you are a VIP customer in our computer system and download the app, then you will get Rewards to help you save. You can also ask us questions through the app, explore the event calendar, buy a gift card, and fill out a landscape request form. It is also a way that we’ll be communicating last minute store sales and events.


  • Schedule a Garden Coach appointment. If you get overwhelmed by the selection, need a lot of matching hanging baskets, put new landscape beds in and need ideas, or are a new gardener that doesn’t know where to start– an appointment will ensure one hour of our undivided attention.



Let us know how we can help. We are committed to helping you have the best garden ever this season!