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The April Perennial and Houseplant of the Month

Sisyrinchium ‘Moody Blues’ and the Tricolor Saxifraga

We’re paying a little more well deserved attention to a select perennial and select houseplant each month. You’ll find them in the garden center, and when you download the free Bedner’s app, you’ll save $2 on your houseplant and $3 on your perennial purchases during their month in the spotlight.

Perennial of the Month

Sisyrinchium ‘Moody Blues’

There’s something really appealing about a perennial that looks delicate but is rugged enough to be groundcover. That’s Sisyrinchium ‘Moody Blues,’ also known as Blue-eyed Grass.

Turns out it’s not a grass at all, but part of the iris family with low-growing tufts of blue-green grassy foliage. Starting mid to late spring through mid-summer, Moody Blues features profuse, brilliant violet-blue flowers with bright yellow centers. Trim back after the first bloom and you’ll have a second wave of flowers through summer and into fall.

Moody Blues isn’t moody or tough to figure out at all and acts as a very low-maintenance groundcover in rocky areas, an unfussy low border planted in groups or small-statured filler in your containers. Yours will do best in full to partial sun and will attract plenty of beneficial pollinators.

Houseplant of the Month

Tricolor Saxifraga

You had us at pink-tipped ruffled leaves. Tricolor Saxifraga, also known as the Variegated Strawberry Geranium or Mother of Thousands, is a beautiful, fast-growing houseplant in our climate (perennial in warmer zones) that happens to be easy to share.

The mother plant has tricolor foliage with pretty margins of cream, green and pink and shoots out stems of baby plants perfect for repotting and sharing.

Like most houseplants, yours will do best in bright, indirect light, away from cold drafts or scorching hot sun. Keep your soil moist  but well drained, reducing water in the winter. Many people swear by watering from below by soaking your pot, a practice that spares possible damage to the leaves.


Remember, when you download the free Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse app, you’ll save on a new Perennial and Houseplant every month during the growing season.

The people of Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse are here to inspire future plant people. We care about the vast benefits to our environment, health and quality of life, and would love to share it all with you. Ask if you have any questions on how to plant and care for your perennials and houseplants. We’d be thrilled to help.