Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

The Armory Youth Center

June 19, 2016  

One of our ongoing service projects is the landscaping at The Armory Youth Center. How cool that we get to help make such a wonderful beacon of hope in our community just a little more welcoming from doing what we love — gardening!

Why is The Armory Youth Center, and programs like it, so important in our community? Each story may be different, but the reality is that many young boys and girls in our own community are missing positive adult role models. In Canonsburg alone, 61% of the residences are single parent homes. On average kids spend up to 25 hours per week at home alone. Aloneness can lead to at-risk behavior.

The Armory Youth Center provides kids with well-supported, quality resources that help them succeed in the face of 21st century challenges, such as after school academic programs, athletics, a safe haven, mentoring, Campus Life club meetings, and community partnerships.

THANK YOU to the YFCMP staff and volunteers for all you do in the Pittsburgh area! ‪Learn more about the great work they are doing here.