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The June Perennial and Houseplant of the Month

Clematis and Gasteria ‘Okavango’

We’re paying a little more well deserved attention to a select perennial and select houseplant each month. You’ll find them in the garden center, and when you download the free Bedner’s app, you’ll save $10ea on your perennial and $4ea on your houseplant purchases during their month in the spotlight.

Perennial of the Month


All perennials possess the magic of returning year after year, but Clematis is unique in that it has three different bloom-time classes or groups: early, repeat and summer/fall bloomers. The beauty of knowing which type (info that can be found on your plant tag and/or we can confirm for you), is that you can layer your planting with other clematis or perennial and annual companions to achieve blooms in every season. Knowing the group will also determine if/when to prune:

Group 1 / Spring

Blooms on old wood, with no pruning required.

Group 2 / Reblooming

(early to mid-summer sometimes with a second bloom in late summer)
Blooms first on old, then again on new. Only prune late winter to early spring to achieve the shape you desire and remove weak or unhealthy sections.

Group 3 / Late Summer to Early Fall

Blooms on new growth and should be hard pruned down to 12”  in late winter or early spring.

You’ll find this flowering vine is a vigorous grower, preferring full sun for maximum blooms. Give it a sturdy structure like an arbor, trellis, wall, mailbox or fence and it will climb, soften hard edges, fill blank or unsightly walls, cascade and add color and interest. Elaborate blooms, big and small, saucer and bell-shaped come in a variety of colors and textures.

Smaller-statured clematis (for example 5’) is perfect for containers with a trellis and shorter companion perennials and annuals to fill in below. Other varieties can reach up to 20-25’ tall for a dramatic flowering statement.

Houseplant of the Month


Gasteria ‘Okavango’

Also known as ‘Ox tongue’ for its long leaves and rough texture, Gasteria ‘Okavango’ is one of the hardiest, drought tolerant plants to grow.

Leaves are thick and hard like aloe, but with a speckling of distinctive white dots, a feature that makes this evergreen succulent an eye-catching potted plant. They also require a comparatively small amount of light for a succulent, giving you options when it comes to where you place yours.

We especially love ours as a dual indoor/outdoor citizen, living on a screen porch or lanai in the summer and fall months, then making the transition indoors once night-time temps begin to drop.

Pro tip: water from below and only when the soil has almost completely dried out. Also try to avoid leaves getting wet from rain.


Remember, when you download the free Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse app, you’ll save on a new Perennial and Houseplant every month during the growing season.

The people of Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse are here to inspire future plant people. We care about the vast benefits to our environment, health and quality of life, and would love to share it all with you. Ask if you have any questions on how to plant and care for your perennials and houseplants. We’d be thrilled to help.