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The May Perennial and Houseplant of the Month

Dianthus ‘Kahori’ and Swedish Ivy ‘Plectranthus’  

We’re paying a little more well deserved attention to a select perennial and select houseplant each month. You’ll find them in the garden center, and when you download the free Bedner’s app, you’ll save $2 on your perennial and houseplant purchases during their month in the spotlight.

Perennial of the Month

Dianthus ‘Kahori

This perennial checks so many boxes it’s a wonder it’s not in more yards. First and most noticeably, Dianthus Kahori has lovely little bright and clear pink flowers that smell good! Its spicy and sweet fragrance attracts some of our favorite pollinator friends, including hummingbirds honeybees and butterflies.

Dianthus is very low maintenance, with a high tolerance for heat and drought, and it will bloom for weeks in late spring and early summer (and beyond) with a little deadheading. As it grows, it forms gentle mounds of silvery blue-green foliage that stay compact and neat, making excellent borders and adding definition to sunny spots in your landscape.

Added bonus: create small and sweet-smelling nosegay-style bouquets from yours.

Houseplant of the Month

Swedish Ivy ‘Plectranthus’

Swedish Ivy is perfect for beginners and makes a fast-growing filler and spiller in containers, or a lovely hanging pot with an easy trailing habit. We love their lush growth habit, thick stems and bright green shiny leaves with pretty scalloped edges. They have a lot of characteristics of a thick, glossy succulent.

Interestingly enough, Swedish Ivy is part of the mint family. So when you touch the leaves, they release a pungent citrusy scent. Yours won’t be picky about its soil and light, but will do best with moist, well-drained soil (we recommend watering weekly, allowing soil to dry out in between) and bright, indirect light.


Remember, when you download the free Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse app, you’ll save on a new Perennial and Houseplant every month.

The people of Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse are here to inspire future plant people. We care about the vast benefits to our environment, health and quality of life, and would love to share it all with you. Ask if you have any questions on how to plant and care for your perennials and houseplants. We’d be thrilled to help.