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The ‘Share Your Garden Story’ series: KAYLE’S GARDEN STORY

We can learn a lot from each other. This week we’re finding inspiration in Kayle’s story of ‘growing mentors,’ inheriting a yard and plants from family and the idea that pulling weeds can transform over time from a chore to therapy.

One of the most enjoyable parts of our job is getting to see the joy that plants, gardening and beautiful landscapes bring to you. We’ve always loved getting to know you and your stories and how the experience of loving nature and plants brings us all together. That’s why it’s nice to know the people behind the plants. Especially the ones who are generous about sharing their inspiration and experience.

Name: Kayle Klesser

How did you first discover plants and gardening and who inspired you along the way? When I was younger, my parents gave my sisters and me the glorious chore of pulling weeds. Ironically, I love doing this now. Later in life, I would receive a spider plant from a previous partner’s aunt. She was someone I admired, and I appreciated her gift. I loved seeing the plant grow babies and enjoyed propagating them. This led to several more indoor plants over the years.

As an adult, I enjoyed cutting the grass, spending time outside and learning more about gardening. This passion really took off when I met my fiancé. He bought his home (now our home!) from his grandparents in 2016. The property was full of mature trees, shrubs and various plants that his grandparents had been nurturing for years. When spring came around, we found ourselves outdoors together cleaning up and preparing for spring blooms.

Why do you love plants, gardening and growing? Gardening is very therapeutic for me, and plants are so beautiful! It is also special bonding time with my fiancé. There’s so much to learn about plants, gardening and growing! 

What are some of your favorite plants and why do you love them? All trees that flower! We have weeping cherry, peach, wisteria and dogwoods. I love them because they are some of the first signs of spring and the flowers are so beautiful.

I also love most conifer trees and shrubs, though I don’t know all the names yet. They are one of the big reasons I love hiking so much. Same goes for creeping phlox, moss and other ground cover plants.

Last but not least, I really love watching a baby oak tree grow in our yard. Our neighbor has a very mature oak and I enjoy watching our tiny version grow year after year and pruning it to help it be its best.

Any growing tips or things you’ve learned over the years? Work with the plant and not against it, including using native plants, paying attention to spacing, placement, sunlight, soil, etc. Avoid choosing plants that don’t thrive in your conditions and spaces.

Do you have a favorite public or private garden? Mine: ) Also just about every home in Beaver, PA.

What are some of your proudest garden accomplishments?  Landscape projects every year have been really rewarding. Last year, we took apart a very large, overgrown garden and recreated it.

Have you had help from neighbors, friends, landscape experts, etc.? It’s mostly us and seeking out information (research), trial and error, a pruning class at Bedner’s and putting in the time.


The people of Bedner’s Farm & Greenhouse and our customers are here to inspire future plant people. We all care about the vast benefits to our environment, health and quality of life, and are happy to share with each other. Please share your story with us.