Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Upcoming Frost Reminder – 5/06/17

As the temperature outside is expected to drop over the next few nights, there is potential for a frost which can damage vulnerable plants.  Some of the most easily affected by the cold weather are:

  • Houseplants and Tropicals
  • Shrubs and trees that bloom in Spring (Azalea, Rhododendron)
  • Citrus trees
  • Warm-season vegetables (tomatoes and peppers)
  • Warm-season annuals (impatiens, petunia, and geranium)

In order to best protect your plants and flowers, we suggest that you try taking the following steps
  • Bring them inside. If your plants are in containers or baskets, bringing them indoors will help them avoid damage from the cold temperatures.
  • Cover. Any young plants that are in the ground- cover with an inverted pot or container overnight. Be sure to remove the cover when the frost ends.
  • Any shrubs or trees can be covered with a blanket or burlap to trap heat that will protect the plant. Also be sure to remove this in the morning.
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