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Vegetable & Herb Gardening Tip

May 17, 2016

Growing healthy vegetable and herb plants starts with great quality soil. WARNING: Not all bagged mixes are good. Honestly, you get what you pay for in growing mixes, and your investment in plants is going to yield little to no harvest if planted in poor quality soil. Take it from us. From our experience in trial and error over the years, ending up with the wrong growing mix can mean (and has meant unfortunately) a complete crop failure to us.

For vegetable and herb growing, we use and recommend Pro-Mix Vegetable & Herb Mix. It can be mixed in with your existing soil in the ground, as well as used in containers. This peat-based mix ispromixherbandveggie specially formulated with:

  • An organic fertilizer that gradually feeds your plants for up to three months
  • Gypsum for amazing tomato growth
  • MycoActive, which grows larger root systems for increased nutrient and water uptake, and bigger and healthier plants.

Plants that have a healthy start with the best quality growing mix will be less susceptible to insects and diseases, and will produce a plentiful harvest. Here’s the best part– our Pro-Mix Vegetable & Herb Mix 1 cu bag is Buy 1 Get 1 Free, now through May 29. Happy Planting!

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