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We Love Pollinators

Fourteen years ago, June 17-23 was designated National Pollinators Week to address a serious decline in pollinators. And what began as an awareness campaign and desire to do the right thing, turned into an international celebration of a beautiful and vital element of our ecosystem.

Pollinators are any insect or small animal that carries pollen from one plant to another, like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and even bats. That may not seem like a momentous act, but moving pollen from one plant to another (i.e. pollinating) is required for 75% of earth’s flowering plants, one of every three bites of food we eat, healthy soil, clean air and a healthy economy.

And planting for pollinators is easy and beautiful. Check out the resources we’ve pulled together to get started, and thank you!


The Bedner’s Landscape Team has spots open to design and plant your pollinator-friendly landscape


What Pollinators Really Want

Perennials for Pollinators

Annuals for Pollinators