Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 12.1.21

I am one that likes to enjoy the season while we’re actually in the season. I don’t like to jump ahead and rush things.

In the summer, I just want to soak in all that is happening and not think about buying Halloween candy or back to school supplies yet, come on that’s just crazy! I was never one to put up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving or get the bins of holiday lights and things out from the basement until after I had my turkey dinner.

However, I have to admit. I think I get the whole Christmas and holiday decorating thing now. Something clicked for me. The days have grown darker, we don’t have lush plants to tend to in the garden anymore, and that seasonal change can just be a little gloomy, right?

This is the season of “making spirits bright”. We look around with thanks for what we have, and in that gratitude we give to others. We might see someone’s need, like a death in the family, or a home that just burned down, or a life-changing diagnosis. I think for others around us though, things may look great or glamorous, but they aren’t. So many around us are struggling and we have no idea. Let’s face it, life is hard in this broken world. In my faith, I believe that something better is coming. I can hardly imagine getting by each day without that truth.

For the time we have here and now, we are meant to make the most of what is good and beautiful in life. So now I finally get the excitement of others who can’t wait to brighten their world with all of the lights and beauty of the holidays. We can create a bright and cozy home. We can brighten our days by creating memories and family traditions through experiences. We can also make others’ spirits bright with a card, a surprise gift on the porch, or the gift of our time to help them with something or have coffee with them. I LOVE that about this time of year! I can think of so many that have brightened my spirits, sometimes even with just a smile. 

Giving can be SO much fun! Yesterday I had the chance to make a delivery to a local business in Canonsburg of eight of our winter container arrangements. It was seriously so much fun to see how they looked outside of the building, but also to imagine how many other people will enjoy them. Thank you to Dr. Plute of Paragon Personal Health for the order!

Here is what’s happening around the greenhouse this week—

  • all of our holiday décor is now 20% off, and includes ornaments, decorative tins, snowmen, etc., (Old World Ornaments, and all live trees, greens and wreaths are not included).
  • all of the angels have been taken from our Angel Tree for the seniors in Canonsburg, THANK YOU! We are still collecting Angel Tree donations for Luke Liggett through December 18. Our goal is to have 125 people each donate $20. If you need a gift for someone that already has everything, consider a donation in their honor. We’ll give you a printout to put in their Christmas card. Click here to learn more . 
  • we have just three more weeks of our greenhouse produce to enjoy. I personally have loved eating giant bowls of our homegrown mixed lettuce, microgreens, spinach, cucumber and cherry tomatoes after indulging during Thanksgiving. Stop by to grab some this week, or try a Bedner Bag. Our greenhouse produce grower, Katlynn, has been including great recipes in the bags to make your meal planning easier!
  • we are sponsoring a blood drive with Vitalant on 12/24 at the Cecil Volunteer Fire Department. You can schedule an appointment here and search with Group Code F0050053. There just might be a gift from the greenhouse for you to take after your donation ☺
  • speaking of Vitalant, they have had to cancel many blood drives due to staff shortages, especially drivers. If you know anyone who might be interested in a driver position, have them reach out to Sydnee at
  • our 4” succulents are on clearance now, 3 for $15, (regular price $8.99 each).
  • if you visit us over the holidays, please make sure to scan the QR code at the bottom of your receipt to give us feedback with a quick survey. By filling it out, you’ll have a 1 in 50 chance of winning a $50 Bedner’s gift card. So give it to us– we want to know what you think!!

Melanie BednerOur staff has been working hard these past couple of weeks unloading Christmas trees, hand-making winter container arrangements, decorating wreaths, teaching workshops, tending to plants, and harvesting fresh vegetables. Our hope and goal is that it all will help to make your spirits bright. Thank you for your continued support.

Enjoy the beauty,