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Weekly News, 6.10.20

Hi Friends,

How have you found rest and recuperation lately? Russ and I ventured out with our girls to explore a couple of hiking/biking trails that we’ve never visited before. We found Roaring Run Trailhead  in Apollo and Cedar Creek Park in Belle Vernon. Both trails are along a river with nice views, and worth the hour (or so) drive! 

Thanks to those who volunteered to help the Cecil Friends of the Montour Trail volunteers with their trail beautification work! Here is Mary Ellen’s contact info again, in case you missed it last week. She can put you on their volunteer list to be invited to their trail work parties. If you have some time to give, consider helping them. You can email Mary Ellen here, or call her at 412-445-0185. It’s a great way to get out, make a difference, and interact with some great people in a safe, socially distanced way.

I love the quote below about service. Ultimately, life isn’t about me, but about what I can do for others. We all have a unique part to play and give. Your time, talents and contributions to society matter. We recently heard from a local woman who is cleaning up and planting several raised beds at a high rise in Hazelwood. Her work will be sure to bring a lot of JOY to others. Stay tuned to hear about her project in a future newsletter. 

How are you or someone you know helping others through nature, plants and/or gardening? Let me know here, so that I can share the Good Gardening News.

Here’s the good word this week–

  • we like to keep it fresh and interesting around here, so new and upcoming plant arrivals include the perennials allium, ice plant, iris, lavender, pennisetum grass ‘Karl Forester’, salvia ‘caradonna’ and ‘may night’, hens & chicks, stokesia ‘color wheel’, and more.
  • shrub arrivals this week include dappled willow, butterfly bush ‘black knight’, Quickfire hydrangea, some hydrangea ‘Limelight’ trees, and more.
  • our homegrown tomatoes are now available! We planted them early in our high tunnel greenhouse, and have them available for sale at the greenhouse.
  • Russ will have bottles of wine available for sale at the greenhouse again this weekend, 9-5pm. Blackberry Merlot was just bottled today, made from berries handpicked by Russ’ Aunt Cathy.
  • next time you visit us, check out the flower beds at the front of the greenhouse. Our Retail Manager, Tristan, designed and planted them last year. Stay tuned for some highlights about what he planted and why in upcoming newsletters.
  • be sure to check out Russ’ weekly recommendations below. This week he talks about a fresh crop of summer annuals that are available now.

Thanks so much for supporting your local, family businesses!

Take care,


Start planning for next year’s garden NOW! We often get questions at the greenhouse like, “I had a flower last year that was so pretty. It was pink with green leaves, and about this high. What was it?” Well, it could be a whole lot of things and seriously, we are stumped! So, to prevent this from happening next season, here’s what you need to do:As you are planting, be sure to save your plant tags. That way, if you end up really loving something this season and want more next year, you will remember what it was. Take photos of individual plants, groupings, and container gardens that you planted and are really pleased with. That will also help you to make sure to get the right plants next spring.Keep a gardening journal. It could be as simple as a notebook from the dollar store. Write down what you planted and when, and keep notes as the season goes on. The garden is always a work in progress.Is there something that you really wanted this season, but didn’t get either because we didn’t have it or it was sold out? Let us know now, as we start planning and ordering for spring 2021 soon, believe it or not. While we continously get some things in through the whole spring, summer and fall, the bulk of it is planned ahead and ordered the previous July, August and September. For example, do you always like to have six flower pouches with tradescantia, or 10 white ivy geranium hanging baskets, or 8 flats of rose wax begonias? Or did you have your heart set on specific evergreens that are shipped from the west coast only once in the spring?Send us your 2021 plant requests now, and we will do our best to have them ready for you next spring.
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