Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 01.11.22

Happy New Year Plant Friends,

This time of year, especially for us gardeners, we’re spending a little more time “being” and less time “doing” things, aren’t we? The days are short and the plants in the garden don’t need us so much right now. One writer, Mandy Arioto, describes this season as the “womb time of winter.” Hopefully we’re joining nature as it rests with some rest ourselves, being more inward focused and reflective. Hopefully we utilize this time to be still and allow new life to form and root in the darkness.

It’s hard though, right?

The busyness of the holidays can distract us, and now I sit. It’s quiet. It’s painfully quiet in this “womb” sometimes. The impulse is to get up and do, do, do. But the time of “being” needs its fair attention and energy. The “rest” can take more effort than the doing. For me it does. Buried thoughts and emotions come to surface again. My first instinct at this is frustration, but I eventually acknowledge them, stir them around a bit just to take a look but not dwell, and then let them go.

Once I’m more free of what was weighing me down, I can let new seeds to germinate. I can begin to look ahead to the fresh start of a new year. In a world of distractions and possibilities, what really matters to me? What will I choose to focus on? How will I live more fully what I most believe?

One thing I know for sure—that plants and nature are healing. So I will be sure to spend plenty of hours in 2022 outside, getting my hands dirty as I tend to my soul. How about you?

Here are a few notes of interest this week—

  • January and February’s e-newsletters will be every other week, then we’ll resume weekly emails as we get closer to spring. For today and the next few emails, you’ll find a section dedicated to a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re working on at the farm.
  • Thanks to all who helped with our 2021 Angel Tree with gifts for our seniors in Canonsburg and donations for the Liggett family. We have received many thank-you cards from the seniors. One resident had this to say, “Who knew that compression socks could make a person so happy? I got 6 pair of jazzy socks from my angel. Now I don’t have to wear those old lady compression hose. I am 90 years old, but I like to dress young. Thank you for giving me the best present ever.” We also raised $1,673 for Luke Liggett, (which we matched). Your generosity is inspiring.
  • If you’re looking for some gardening inspiration and ideas this winter, check out some of our 2021 videos.  From the Garden Tours to Russ Recommends, you’re sure to get some ideas and helpful tips.
  • We’re fine-tuning the details of our events and workshops schedule for 2022. Are there any particular classes or events that you’d like us to host this year? Is there anything gardening-related that you hope to learn? Let me know. We appreciate your input.


Thanks for reading, and enjoy your winter “rest”.