Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 02.13.24


One of our goals is to inspire you in all we do—with the way our store looks and in creating a positive shopping environment, staff training so that we can best serve you, helpful gardening tips in our emails and social media posts, commitment to the best quality and selection of plants.

But did you know that SO very often you inspire US?

Russ shared an example at our recent monthly staff meeting when he talked about Whistle While You Work, one of our Core Values. 

What does Whistle While You Work mean to us exactly? Well, it’s the spark that other people notice when you’re passionate about your work. It’s doing what you love and loving what you do. It’s having a positive outlook and using that to lift others up. It’s staying away from blaming, complaining and excuse-making because it only takes one person’s bad mood to bring down the whole team. And Russ’ example of Whistle While You Work was one of our loved customers, Pat from South Fayette. For many years Pat has come to us in the spring for hundreds of red geraniums. He’d make multiple trips—I wouldn’t be surprised if it was ten times in a season, loading his cart with his favorite plant.

Yes, working in a greenhouse is wonderful and beautiful, but as in any other retail environment, there are stresses too. It is fast-paced in the spring and there’s so much to do. There were plenty of times over the years that I would be in the store, surrounded by beauty and excitement, and yet I was worrying about so much—restocking the benches quickly enough, the plant delivery that hasn’t shown up yet, wondering if all staff had a chance to take a lunch break yet, and more. Then out of the blue I’d hear a beautiful song, the most lovely, skilled whistling I had ever heard. And we all knew who had arrived. It was Pat, here for more geraniums, and he’d smile a huge smile and comment on how wonderful a day it was. Oh yeah, I was so consumed in my head that I wasn’t noticing the gift of the day, and thanks to Pat my day was brighter.

Pat from South Fayette

I was curious what he was doing with all of those geraniums, so we drove past his house one summer, and WOW! It was a sea of red, with geraniums planted both in tons of pots and in the ground. I’m sure his hard work has been a joy to his whole neighborhood, too.

Thank you Pat for inspiring us with your love of gardening, your amazing whistling skills and your bright smile.