Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 03.22.22

Before I fell in love with the horticulture industry, my dream was to work in education. I considered teaching at first, and later decided on school counseling. As I worked for the family business while finishing my masters in education at Duquesne, the farm and greenhouses were pulling me in.

Soon my time was spent learning more about plants and how to run a business instead. Russ and I enrolled in horticulture and business classes together, and learned all we could from our industry associations, and still do today. Even though I never pursued working in a school specifically, I am still very much surrounded by education and am committed to being a lifelong learner. We love Education so much that it’s one of our Core Values.

Even though I didn’t use my degree specifically for what I was trained to do, I am thrilled at the many opportunities to both educate and be educated through the farm, our amazing Staff, and our Visitors. On this tiny patch of ground in Cecil Township, I get to help to facilitate and encourage learning every day, as does everyone else that steps on this property. It’s the coolest thing to me how gardening and nature brings us together.

Maybe I am not working in a school, but who knew that I’d homeschool my two daughters? Not me! It was intimidating at first, until I learned more from friends and about a hybrid homeschool option here in Hickory . Spending this time with my daughters in this way though has been a huge blessing! And how fitting that they have been working on a Botany Unit at the Schoolhouse, so last week we hosted the group for a field trip.

I’m so thankful that we get to share the amazing world of plants and gardening with the younger generation. Seriously, how cute are these kids?!!


Here are a few tips and notes this week–

  • we’ve been open for almost one week now, and more is being added to the store almost every day. It’s early for most gardening, but we have plenty for you to get your plant therapy on—early spring annuals, herbs, houseplants, spring bulbs, perennials, trees & shrubs, plus some new items including local maple syrup, honey, spring gifts, and unique garden art spinners made from bicycle tires.
  • Something new that you may notice this year is that we’re growing some plants in fiber pots. We’ve started experimenting and transitioning from plastic to fiber as we are able, learning how they hold up through the growing process and comparing price differences. The pots don’t look as pretty as a colorful, plastic pot, but we are committed to this transition. More on this will be coming soon.
  • the Route 50- end of Coleman Road will be closed temporarily for repairs. If you’re coming from Bridgeville, you’ll want to turn at N. Depaoli Road, (where the Thai restaurant is). If you’re coming from Hickory, turn onto Grange Road, (where the car wash is).
  • last December we raised and matched donations for Luke Liggett and family. Here is an update from Luke on facebook about his ALS treatments. He has gained weight and is feeling more like himself.
  • there is always something to learn in the gardening world, and part of our Mission here at Bedner’s is to provide educational opportunities. You can download a printable flyer of our spring line up. Put it on your fridge and don’t forget to register ahead of time.
  • we learn so much from Doug Oster, and you can too this spring through his free series of virtual classes every Thursday at 5pm. If virtual isn’t your thing, he’ll be here at the greenhouse, live and in person, on Saturday, April 9 for our Spring Open House.

What will you try new in gardening this season?
What do you want to learn more about?

Let us know how we can help you with your gardening journey. We hope to see you soon!

Enjoy the beauty,