Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 04.12.22

Do you have a favorite plant or flower that holds special meaning in your life?

A favorite plant of Russ and I is the passion flower vine. We had a huge passion flower hanging basket on the second floor deck of our first apartment in Carnegie, over twenty years ago. That was all we could bring home to our small space, and we were so proud of our plant! We babied our passion vine, making sure to feed it often, which is a requirement if you want a lot of those amazing blooms.

We love the passion flower vine so much that we both have tattoos of it, our winery is named Passiflora Springs after the botanical genus name, and a hand-drawn illustration by our graphic designer is now incorporated into our logos. This year we are growing two different varieties in 10” hanging baskets—‘Blue Bahama’ and ‘Aprodite’s Nightie”, (pictured here).

Fitting for the Christian celebration of Holy Week, the passion flower also has a symbolism dating back to the 1500’s as a representation of the Passion of Christ. Learn more about this beautiful plant here.

Here are a couple of notes for the week:

  • the Nursery area is filling up! Two huge loads of trees and shrubs arrived on Monday.
  • staff member Stacy Campbell is celebrating her 10th Anniversary on our Team! She is most often working hard behind the scenes in the production greenhouses– planting, watering, and keeping everything we grow looking its best. You may see her in the store from time to time too, helping Suzi Bedner to restock the container gardens or trimming back overgrown plants. Thank you Stacy for all you do!!
  • tonight and tomorrow, Russ is giving the public a peek of all that we have going on in the production greenhouses. These houses are usually off limits to shoppers, since we pull a little from all of them to restock the retail greenhouse every day. The greenhouse tours can include a glass of Russ’ homemade wine if you’d like, for a sip n’ stroll tour. Space is limited, so register here for Wednesday at 6pm or here for Saturday at 1pm.
  • we still have a few open positions to fill. Please pass along and don’t forget about our Referral Program.
  • perennial Columbine (Aquilegia) is on sale— $14.99 each or 3 for $30. These are a must have for early spring color in the garden.
  • all of our early spring and Easter decor is now 50% off!
  • it’s not too early to think about Mother’s Day! You have three weeks to shop for the perfect gift. Our Gift Cards are always popular, and you can be ahead of the game by purchasing them now on our website. We will send them to either you or the gift recipient by U.S. Mail. Order yours now, or pass along the link as a hint when your loved ones ask what you want for Mother’s Day.
  • we’re sponsoring Penn State Extension’s Garden & Landscape Symposium event that takes place on Saturday, April 30. The theme is “Birds, Bees, and Trees” and is $60 per person, lunch included.
  • the Route 50- end of Coleman Road will be closed temporarily for repairs. If you’re coming from Bridgeville, you’ll want to turn at N. Depaoli Road, (where the Thai restaurant is). If you’re coming from Hickory, turn onto Grange Road, (where the car wash is).

What special plant or flower holds a place in your heart and why?

Let me know here. Of all the responses that I get, I will choose one lucky winner of one of a $25 Gift Card on Monday, April 18, and I may share your comments in a future newsletter for the enjoyment of the rest of us.

Enjoy the beauty,